Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Double Decker Books Blog Tour

I am proud to be affiliated with the Double Decker Books. Double Decker Books really care about authors, their talent, and their books and help support these authors the best to their abilities. They go "outside of the box" for their authors. Their services are reasonable and they have an easy order form page for authors to place their orders. Double Decker books are always on the lookout for not just authors but bloggers to that love to read great books and love supporting authors as well.

Here is just some examples of their services.
Extra Tweets
Glamorous Posts on Social Sites
Attractive Author posts and book blurbs
Interviews with Authors or Characters
Book Reviews
Double Decker Book Tours
Book Blast
Twitter Parties
And more!
Double Decker Books also offers!
Free Cover Reveals
Free Trailer Reveals
Weekly Giveaways
Author Giveaways (Author pays for the book/books/prizes)
Kindle Free Party
And More!
Plus more services are being added to their service page as July 1st…so come check to see their great packages of promotional tools for authors!

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