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The Social Media Book Tag created by faultydevices on Booktube

This tag was created by a booktuber. Just to let you know I'm doing Ariel Bissett's version.

Your favourite short book (under 200 pages)
Backstage Pass by Elizabeth Nelson. This is an ebook that I really enjoyed reading. It's about a girl named Sasha who has a rule and that is to never date a musician. Then she meets Jesse who is a singer/musician who is completely attracted to Sasha. No matter how she tries to avoid him, Jesse isn't about to let her go just yet.


A book that everyone pressured you to read.
Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins. A lot of booktubers talked about this book and I had no choice but to buy it because it sounded very interesting and cute. Also, it took place in Paris, a city I'm dying to visit so I thought it'd be fun to read  a cute love story that started in the city of love. I really enjoyed reading it and I ended up giving it a 5/5 stars on Goodreads.

► A book you read before it was cool.
Eleanor & Park. I read it without knowing much about it. I haven't read any reviews or anything like that. I also read it a couple of months after it came out and right now a lot of people are talking about this book. So yeah...


► A book that you liked when you were younger, but you probably would not like now.
I have no answer on this one because if you didn't know already, I wasn't a big reader when I was younger. Actually, I just started reading many books since last year.


► A book that has the most beautiful cover 
Alienated by Melissa Landers. I mean would you just look at this beautiful cover.


► A book that you wish was made into a movie. 
This is what happy looks like by Jennifer E. Smith. It's a pretty adorable love story and I think It would be really fun to watch it.


► A book that you would recommend to everyone.
Divergent by Veronica Roth. What can I say? It's a dystopian novel with lots of action, romance and many more. Anyone can read this basically.

Friday, August 29, 2014


  • First, I read Rush too far by Abbi Glines. My review
  • Then I read How to love by Katie Cotugno. My review
  • I also read On the rocks by Sawyer Bennett on my Ipad. My review
  • I finally finished reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It was ok. I cried a lot like most of the people who have read it. It's not my favorite book of the series but I didn't hate it. 
  • I read Sadie by E.L Todd and It was fine. If I had to give it a rating, I would give it a 3/5 stars. It's not a YA novel and it contains a lot of sexual scenes. 
  • My FAVORITE books in this august wrap up are Twisted Perfection & Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines. My review on Twisted Perfection  My review on Simple Perfection
  • Then, I read The beginning of everything by Robyn Schneider. This novel was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to all readers who loves John Green & Rainbow Rowell. My review
  • FOUR by Veronica Roth was very interesting. I really enjoyed reading Four's story. 
  • Isla and the happily ever after was so fun to read. I loved it and I gave it a 5/5 stars. I loved Josh so so much. My review
  • I read Opposition  by Jennifer L. Armentrout after that. I was satisfied with ending and I'm going to miss a lot of characters. I really love the Lux series and I can't wait to read more of Jennifer L. Armentrout's books.
  • I read Breathe by Abbi Glines and I liked it. I'm not a big fan though because of the love triangle. If you didn't know yet. I hate love triangles especially when you love both guys or when the guy you're rooting for doesn't end up with the girl. My review
  • Finally I read The Ring & The Crown and I really didn't expect to really like this book. Melissa De La Cruz' s writing is stunning and the story is very interesting in my opinion. My review

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Review: The Ring & the Crown by Melissa De La Cruz

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Publication date: April 2014
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Read: August 2014
Pages: 384

Princess Marie-Victoria, heir to the Lily Throne, and Aelwyn Myrddn, bastard daughter of the Mage of England, grew up together. But who will rule, and who will serve? 

Quiet and gentle, Marie has never lived up to the ambitions of her mother, Queen Eleanor the Second, Supreme Ruler of the Franco-British Empire. With the help of her Head Merlin, Emrys, Eleanor has maintained her stranglehold on the world's only source of magic. She rules the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. 

But even with the aid of Emrys' magic, Eleanor's extended lifespan is nearing its end. The princess must marry and produce an heir or the Empire will be vulnerable to its greatest enemy, Prussia. The two kingdoms must unite to end the war, and the only solution is a match between Marie and Prince Leopold VII, heir to the Prussian throne. But Marie has always loved Gill, her childhood friend and soldier of the Queen's Guard. 

Together, Marie and Aelwyn, a powerful magician in her own right, come up with a plan. Aelwyn will take on Marie's face, allowing the princess to escape with Gill and live the quiet life she's always wanted. And Aelwyn will get what she's always dreamed of--the chance to rule. But the court intrigue and hunger for power in Lenoran England run deeper than anyone could imagine. In the end, there is only rule that matters in Eleanor's court: trust no one.

My review

"The ring and the crown were there for the taking"

Before reading:
I heard about this book from Polandbananasbooks on booktube. I fell in love with the hardcover and the font is absolutely stunning! I've never read a book by Melissa De La Cruz so this is actually the first book I read by her. I didn't really know much about this book so I didn't really know what to expect. 

While reading:
I was impressed with the writing style. The words are enriched and classy, I guess. When I read the "Prologue", I didn't know if I was going to like it though because it was different amd out of my comfort zone. At first, I was really confused. Then I realized there were talking about different characters in each chapters at the beginning. I was really intrigued when I got to the middle part of the story when all the characters were in London. I also liked the part when Wolf and Ronan first meet. I really adored Aelwyn, she's so smart and brave. I wasn't a big fan of Marie-Victoria though, she was annoying most of the time in my opinion. I thought I was going to hate Isabelle but I ended up really liking her. Lastly, I had a crush on Leo at the beginning but it turns out, he's a total jerk.

After reading:
I really really like this book. It surprised me that's for sure because I never thought I was going to like it. I got it a few months ago and I just started reading it this month. I am so glad I gave it a chance because it was absolutely amazing. I thought we were going to see more of the Merlin and Queen Eleanor but I was wrong and that's totally fine. I felt like I was watching a movie while I was reading it. I realized when Wolf and Ronan first met, it kind of reminded me of  the "Titanic" movie with Rose and Jack. I really hope that one day this will turn into a movie because I think the story is very interesting to watch. I ended up falling in love with Kronprinz Wolfgang Friedrich Joachim von Hohenzollem. Wow what a long name! Melissa De La Cruz's writing is unique and everyone needs to read this book as soon as they can. I recommend it to everyone. Before I end this review, I want to say that I'm glad there will be a sequel to this book called "The Queen & the Courtesan". 

Two girls.
One beautiful and strong.
One plain and powerless.
Only one shall be queen...
And the other shall serve her.
But as I awake from sleep, I still don't know
Which one of them is my daughter?
And which one is the traitor?

About the author
Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloodsseries, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi-autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.
She has worked as a fashion and beauty editor and has written for many publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney’s, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E! and FoxNews.
Melissa grew up in Manila and moved to San Francisco with her family, where she graduated high school salutatorian from The Convent of the Sacred Heart. She majored in art history and English at Columbia University (and minored in nightclubs and shopping!).
Melissa lives in Los Angeles and Palm Springs with her family.
Book trailer

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Review: Breathe (Sea Breeze #1) by Abbi Glines

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publication date: May 2011
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Read: August 2014
Pages: 333

Sadie White's summer job isn't going to be on the beach life-guarding or working at rental booths like most kids her age. With her single mother's increasing pregnancy and refusal to work, Sadie has to take over her mother's job as a domestic servant for one of the wealthy summer families on a nearby island.

When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world. If Sadie hadn't spent her life raising her mother and taking care of the house she might have been normal enough to be excited about working for a rock star.

Even though Sadie isn't impressed by Jax's fame, he is drawn to her. Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax but he fights his attraction. Relationships never work in his world and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. By the end of the summer, Jax discovers he can't breathe without Sadie

My review
"Jax Stone had just rocked my world, and I wasn't sure what to do about it."

Let me start by writing how I felt after reading the first 50 pages or so of this book. Jessica is such a whiny woman. Sometimes I forget she's a mom. I felt so bad for Sadie but at the same time I want to praise her because she's a very strong, mature and responsible girl despite her age. I don't know if I could handle everything she had been through if I was her. I actually liked the scene where Jax first saw Sadie cleaning the floor near his bedroom. That was kind of awkward and a little funny.  Jax has been likable when I first met him but I didn't really fall in love right away. However, I loved Marcus since the very first time he popped into a scene. He's such a gentleman. He's a very nice co-worker and friend. I fell in love with him from the very start.
"If you were mine, I'd never let you go." - Marcus

 I loved the fact that Sadie met some people like Ms. Mary, Mr. Greg and Marcus who cares about her because her mom "Jessica" isn't a very caring mom. Sadie was the one who had to take care of her mom, their bills and food. She's basically the one working for them to be able to survive.

"...But he stole my breath away the moment we first spoke. He's my air."

One negative comment though is that I find it cheesy at times. The "You're my air" thing is really weird. I mean I guess you can write that in songs, poems or your diary but saying it directly to the person is kind of awkward if you ask me. Jax and Sadie could have used a better metaphor to describe how they feel for each other to make things more realistic and not obsessive.

Lastly, It was a very good read but I didn't love it as much as the other books I read by Abbi Glines. I will definitely still read the rest of the books of this series because I love Abbi Glines' writing and I really think the other books will satisfy me. 

About the author
Abbi Glines is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted booklover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbbiGlines and can also be found 
at and

--->Sea Breeze novels by Abbi Glines

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Review: Isla and the happily ever after by Stephanie Perkins

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publication date: August 2014
Publisher: Dutton Books
Read: August 2014
Pages: 339


From the glittering streets of Manhattan to the moonlit rooftops of Paris, falling in love is easy for hopeless dreamer Isla and introspective artist Josh. But as they begin their senior year in France, Isla and Josh are quickly forced to confront the heartbreaking reality that happily-ever-afters aren’t always forever.


Ohmygosh! This book was so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! If you read my review on Lola and the boy next door , I wasn't really happy about it and I was hoping this one would be better and it was. I really had so much fun reading this. The way I felt about Anna & Etienne, I loved Isla and Josh just as much. I really can relate to Isla, I see a lot of myself in her. She made stupid decisions and she got really annoying like you literally want to smack her in the face. But If I was in her position, I would've done the same thing because I don't really trust myself and I'm not willing to take big risks. However, after reading this book, it made me realize that it's better to take risks on love especially when you love the person so much because later on, you'll hate yourself for not trusting him, his love and your relationship. So what if you'll get brokenhearted? You will learn from that mistake and what if he was the one and you let him go? You'd spend the rest of your life with guilt and regrets. 

Favorite quotes

"Merci," I say."You're welcome.""Thanks," I say."De rien."
Not that Josh would ever fall for me.But I wouldn't want to ruin any chance.Even though I don't have a chance.But just in case I do.Even though I don't.
"I like that you're tiny. I like that I could carry you around in my pocket."
"It must be difficult to remember when your brain is smaller than your penis. Which, rumor has it, isn't that big in the first place."

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Review: The Beginning of everything by Robyn Schneider

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publication date: August 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen
Read: August 2014
Pages: 335


Golden boy Ezra Faulkner believes everyone has a tragedy waiting for them—a single encounter after which everything that really matters will happen. His particular tragedy waited until he was primed to lose it all: in one spectacular night, a reckless driver shatters Ezra’s knee, his athletic career, and his social life.

No longer a front-runner for Homecoming King, Ezra finds himself at the table of misfits, where he encounters new girl Cassidy Thorpe. Cassidy is unlike anyone Ezra’s ever met, achingly effortless, fiercely intelligent, and determined to bring Ezra along on her endless adventures.

But as Ezra dives into his new studies, new friendships, and new love, he learns that some people, like books, are easy to misread. And now he must consider: if one’s singular tragedy has already hit and everything after it has mattered quite a bit, what happens when more misfortune strikes? 

Robyn Schneider’s The Beginning of Everything is a lyrical, witty, and heart-wrenching novel about how difficult it is to play the part that people expect, and how new beginnings can stem from abrupt and tragic endings.

My thoughts

"I still think that everyone's life, no matter how unremarkable, has a singular tragic encounter after which everything that really matters will happen. That moment is the catalyst; the first step in the equation. But knowing the first step will get you nowhere; it's what comes after that determines the result."

First page, BANG! That is what you see. It got my full attention and I couldn't wait to read the next pages. I like it when they take a paragraph or a page from the story and put them at the very beginning of the book. It's really a good idea to make readers' more interested in reading the story.

"Go ahead,I give you permission to aim an invisible crossbow at my heart."

I knew from the beginning that Iwill love Cassidy's character. She's smart and has a good sense of humour too. Then as I read more pages, I realized she's also mysterious and she made me curious to know her big secret. At first, I thought Cassidy was just a new student who is a total nerd and is very shy to talk to people. But I was wrong. She was actually a pretty friendly person. I like how sometimes she acts tough and happy, other times sad and hesitant. Her flaws made me really love her. Maybe in some parts, I don't quite understand Cassidy, but everyone has their secrets and I don't hate her for acting very annoying or mean about it. 

"...she was gorgeous that it hurt."

I didn't expect to like Ezra a lot but I did and I still do. He's now one of my fictional boyfriends... Yep! He honestly is very funny. Maybe for some of you guys who have read the book didn't find him hilarious but I did. The way he laughs and tells jokes in serious situations is what makes him different. And I like different. He's also romantic and smart. Out of all the fictional boys I've "met" in my head, he's unique. I've never met anyone like him and I just want him right. now. Maybe I'm just saying that because all I can think about right now is Ezra Faulkner but to be honest, he's one of the characters I appreciate the most.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?"

I also liked the secondary characters like Toby, Austin, Phoebe, Evan and Jimmy. Yes. Evan and Jimmy too. They acted like total jerks sometimes but I'm happy they're in the story. Toby is such a very good best friend. I got scared of what happened to him. That was creepy and I couldn't imagine how he felt right after that "tragedy". I didn't really like Luke. He reminds me of a guy at my school. The only difference is my friend is actually nice. I wasn't a fan of Charlotte, Ezra's ex-girlfriend,  she's such a *&%^#. I think she only dated Ezra because he was the school tennis team's captain. She's just one of those popular girls at school.

"Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing."

Overall, I really really love this book. To be honest I thought I was going to be bored at some point but that didn't happen. On page 241, I had this theory in head and at the end, it kind of happened. It was a little bit predictable but there was one thing that shocked me because I didn't expect that to happen and that is why I gave this book a 5/5 stars instead of 4/5. I love Robyn Schneider's writing and props to her because she made me laugh with her words. I think it's really hard to make someone laugh with written words. In some books, the author tries to be funny but ended up failing on that part. Robyn definitely did not fail me. She's an amazing author and hopefully she'll write more books. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Simple Perfection (Perfection #2) by Abbi Glines

Genre: New Adult Romance
Publication Date: September 2013
Publisher: Atria Books
Read: August 2014
Pages: 256

Woods had his perfect life mapped out for him. Rise up the ranks of the family business. Marry the rich girl of his parents’ dreams. Pretend that wealth and privilege was all he’d ever wanted. Then a girl named Della breezed into town, a beautifully imperfect stranger who captured his heart and opened his eyes to a new kind of future. Woods is ready and willing to sacrifice everything for her when the sudden death of his father leaves him with his mother to care for and a business to manage.

Della is determined to be strong for Woods, even as she’s quietly falling to pieces. No matter how far from home she’s run, the ghosts of her past have never stopped haunting her. Struggling to hide her true feelings from Woods, Della fears she can’t be his rock without dragging him down into the darkness with her. But is she strong enough to let go of the last thing holding her together?

My review
My plan was to read "Simple Perfection" in two weeks because I didn't want to end Woods & Della's story just yet. But, I just couldn't. After reading "Twisted Perfection" and seeing "Simple Perfection" on my shelf? I just had to read it right away. I stopped reading every 5 chapters because I didn't want it to end quickly like I said... I don't know where to start honestly. I had so many feels while reading this book and there were so many unexpected things that happened and I never thought I'd cry so much in this book to be honest. I want to write this review now because I just finished reading it and it's still fresh from my mind and every time I think about some scenes, I just cry all over again. I'm still giving this a 5/5 stars because to me it deserves it. I could read it all over again even if there were sad moments. I love surprises and Abbi Glines really surprise me with a twist. She warned us at the beginning of the book that there are going to have some twists but I had no clue what they were. Like absolutely no clue and even if I was expecting a twist, I never imagined it to happen that way. Abbi Glines is absolutely amazing I thank her for creating such incredible and lovable characters. You might never read this but, thank you. 
"In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her."
I can't say more about Woods. He's just a man that every woman would like to have. He loved Della through thick and thin. When Della was weak, he was still there, he never left her. Her mental break downs didn't make him love her less. Every woman needs a guy like him because he would love you for who you are. Some guys would leave Della because of her past but not Woods. I love how caring he is and how he shows someone how he really loves her. It's really nice to read that and I wish there were more guys like him in real life. I probably mentioned all of this in my "Twisted Perfection" but I just need to say it again because that's how I''m feeling.
"It would be a chapter in my life that was hard to look back on, yet it would be my favorite."
Della is really more insecure in "Simple Perfection" than in "Twisted Perfection". She compares herself to Blaire who is tough and a bad ass. Della thinks she's weak and Woods doesn't need  someone like her who would slow him down. I don't hate how she acts and the decisions she makes. It just had to be in the story because things can't always be perfect. In my opinion, her decisions are one of the things that makes this book interesting. 

I really love the gang of Woods that includes Rush, Thad, Grant, Jace and Tripp too. They argue sometimes but they really care for each other and I really appreciate all of them. I really love all the characters besides Angelina and Woods' mom but the rest are just so likable and so great. I really want a third book for Woods and Della. I really do. I will purchase Grant and Harlow's story "Take a chance" and "One more chance" who will be out this fall next and I'm looking forward on reading them. :)

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Review: Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) by Abbi Glines

Genre: New Adult Romance
Publication date: April 2013
Publisher: Abbi Glines
Read: August 2014
Pages: 290 


Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane. The dark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone. They would never understand. No one would ever get close enough to find out. There was always a chance she’d go crazy sooner than they expected…

Woods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females. They seemed like too much work. He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure. A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid eyes on the hot little number that didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some help.

What he didn’t know was she was as fragile as they came.
The carefree girl who spoke her mind and didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine…

My Review
"I want to be there for you when you need someone. Please don't push me away."
Let's talk about Woods Kerrington for a minute. I have loved Woods since "Fallen Too Far"and when I found out there was going to have a book about him, I was so happy. Unfortunately I couldn't buy it right away because I wasn't ready to pay the full price. It's a little bit too expensive for me but now that I have read it, I don't regret buying it at all because the story was just so, I can't find the best word to describe how awesome this book is but it was just so damn good! Woods is like a full package. You see, he's wealthy, he's a gentleman, he's good looking and he is so selfless. I just fell in love with him even more in this book. I love how he treats women so nicely, besides Angelina but I can't blame him on being such a jerk to her, honestly she's like the second Nan. Every sweet things he says to Della makes my heart melt, he's such a good man. I knew he had a great personality from what I read in the "Too Far" series but I got to know him more in Twisted Perfection and let me just say this, he is PERFECTION. 
"Each word sounded like I was singing to him."
When Della sang "Just A Kiss" by Lady Antebellum, I stopped reading and played the song on Youtube and go back to reading that part. That scene is actually one of my favorite parts of the book. Even if I haven't heard Della sing, I imagined her voice and I can tell that she really is a great singer. I felt connected to Della's character from the beginning. I can't say I can relate to her but I was connected to her. The first meeting of Woods and Della actually made me laugh. Woods' reaction when Della told him he didn't know how to pump gas was just funny. 
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray."
When I read that lyric, I freaked out. I was singing it in my head but then I felt like a ghost was singing it due to the fact that Della was having a nightmare about her mom. That scared me a little bit. Della have these panic attacks every time something reminds her of her mom or her past and she has bad dreams every night. She thinks she's crazy and she will be mentally ill like her mom in the future. I really think she's just thinking that way because of how she was raised. I am so happy she has a friend like Braden. She's such a caring best friend and I really love how she helped Della discover new things and how she let her take that road trip by herself too show her how to be free and live life because that's what she needs. She loves Della even if she has big problems, she's really a true friend.
"...You have no fucking clue how unbelievably beautiful and desirable you are. You're not calculating and selfish. And you make me want to be better."
Does Woods' words make you blush? One thing is for sure, I had butterflies in my stomach whenever he says something like the line I just wrote on top. To finish off, I just want to say Hands Down to Abbi Glines' writing. I don't know how she makes a small book feel like you just read 500 pages. Every chapter was important and interesting. I didn't find a single part that was boring. She's just so good and I am so glad I read her books. There is more I have to read and I can't wait to read them all. 

Abbi Glines is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted book lover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbiiGlines and can also be found at  and

Next book of the series

Review: Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins

Genre: Young Adult contemporary
Publication date: September 2011
Publisher: Dutton Books
Read: May 2014
Pages: 338

Budding designer Lola Nolan doesn’t believe in fashion...she believes in costume. The more expressive the outfit--more sparkly, more fun, more wild--the better. But even though Lola’s style is outrageous, she’s a devoted daughter and friend with some big plans for the future. And everything is pretty perfect (right down to her hot rocker boyfriend) until the dreaded Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighborhood.

When Cricket--a gifted inventor--steps out from his twin sister’s shadow and back into Lola’s life, she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door.

My review
After reading Anna and the french kiss, I had high expectations on Lola. I heard so many great things about this book and I was really sure I would love this book.

Anna and Étienne were in it and they were really nice to Lola. I loved it when Étienne gave Lola some advice from his experience. I also admired Lola's unique style, I think that's how she's special and different. Also, she doesn't care about what others think of what she's wearing. It's a bit weird to know that she has a rock star boyfriend who is way out of her league. I liked Max a bit, he seemed like a nice boyfriend but he's the jealous type which I kind of dislike. What I find amazing is how great Lola's dads were. They raised her very well and they care so much for her. Everything was going great till Cricket reappears. Lola is kind of confused, she thinks she still have feelings for him. I asked myself did she actually loved Max or she just used him to forget Cricket?At the beginning it seemed she really liked Max but when Cricket arrived, she's confused. I found her really annoying and frustrating since then. I loved Anna and the French kiss and this one isn't too bad but It disappointed me a little bit. I really Isla and the happily ever after would be more exciting than Lola. 

About the author
Stephanie Perkins has always worked with books- first as a bookseller, then as a librarian, and now as a novelist. In a starred review, Kirkus Reviews praised her debut novel, Anna and the French kiss, declaring, "Smart dialogue, fresh characters and plenty of tingly interactions...Sarah Dessen fans will welcome another author who gracefully combines love and realism." Stephanie lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband.

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Review: Forever too far (Too far #3) by Abbi Glines

Genre: New Adult Romance
Publication date: June 2013
Publisher: Abbi Glines
Read: July 2014
Pages: 292

Rush promised her forever... but promises can be broken.

Torn between his love for his family and his love for Blaire, Rush has to find a way to save one without losing the other. In the end one has to be more important. Letting go isn’t easy.

Blaire believed in her fairytale... but no one can live in a fantasy.

Her love for Rush and desire to have a family keep her believing that they can find a way for this to work. Until she has to make the right decision for her and the baby. Even if it breaks her heart.

Can they find the forever that they both want or has it all just gone... too far?
My review
"Good morning, sunshine. I'm making you and that grandbaby of mine some breakfast..."
At first, I thought Dean ( Rush's father) was an asshole but he was actually a nice man. He could be a player but he's not a bad father to Rush and surely not a bad father in law to Blaire and I really like that about him. 

Rush, Dean and Blaire fly to L.A to deal with Nan.

Kiro (Nan's real dad) is such an ass. I know Nan is not the best daughter, well she's not like Harlow but I believe it's not impossible for someone to love her, especially her own father. The way Kiro talks to women he's sleeping with? Gosh, I wanted to stop reading and puke! Not really but seriously those scenes were inappropriate.

Nan is still Nan. She haven't change and I don't think she will anytime soon. Rush is like the only one who shows her that he cares and loves her but it's not good enough for Nan. Nan wants him to leave Blaire and that's really selfish of her. It makes me hate her even more.

Rush and Blaire are getting married and I've been waiting for that moment in a really long time and when it was finally there I was smiling the entire time. Rush is so sweet and romantic. AHHHHH. I won't give too much details because I don't want to spoil that special moment of this book. 

There's a chapter of Grant's POV and a chapter of Harlow's POV which is quite interesting. 

This made me read more New Adult novels and it also made me discover Abbi Glines who is such an amazing author. I can't wait to read her other books. I will be continuing with the Rosemary Beach series because I know I will love it as much as this one. I can't wait to read Woods' and Grant's story, I think I'll really enjoy reading them. I'll give this Too far series a 5/5 stars. 

Rush sings for Blaire<33333

Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: On the rocks (Last Call #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Genre: New Adult contemporary romance
Publication date: February 2014
Publisher: Big Dog Books, LLC
Read: August 2014


He left to travel the world for fame and glory, but only after spurning Gabby Ward and crushing her young heart. Now Hunter Markham has come back home to the sand and salty breeze of the North Carolina Outer Banks so he can open up Last Call, a beach bar nestled among the dunes of the Atlantic. 

Gabby Ward is not happy that Hunter has returned. Bitter over his rebuff years before, she’s content to stay far away from him and his dangerously charming ways. 
Gabby’s well-schemed plans to ignore Hunter go up in flames when he presents an offer to her that she simply can’t refuse, throwing them together in a common quest to each reach their goals. Working together day in and day out proves to be problematic for Gabby, who soon realizes that the feelings she had for him are still very much alive. Hunter struggles to reach through to Gabby’s cold heart, all while starting a new career away from his life as a top ranked, professional surfer.
What starts out as a mutual business arrangement soon turns into a passion that neither of them can continue to deny. 
Hard choices lay ahead for both of them when Hunter is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to the pro surfing tour.
Choices that could destroy what they have built or take them further than they ever had dared to hope.

My thoughts

I've been reading a lot of free New Adult Romance ebooks lately and I read the summary of this one and it caught my interest. Though, I didn't know if I was going to like this ebook or not. I don't like books where the "sex" scenes are really, I mean really really detailed, where the man is very controlling and the woman is very weak. But I figured I should give it a chance. It turns out to be a very good story. I noticed some writing errors but it's fine, we all make mistakes even if we edit the text for the thousandth time. Nobody is perfect right? I thought I was going to hate Hunter after I read the prologue but when the real story started, I changed my opinion on him. I didn't know if Gabby is a brave woman at the beginning but I really hoped she was because I HATE weak female characters, especially on this specific genre. The beginning was a lot of fun, I loved reading how Hunter & Gabby argued. I liked how he flirts with her and she tried her best to look annoyed. I admire the fact that Gabby didn't tell Hunter her real feelings about him because she had doubts on whether their relationship is just about sex and nothing more and while reading her thoughts I really understood her situation. I was having doubts on their relationship and Hunter also because of what happened five years ago. The moment I read how Brody acted around Alyssa, I knew the second book was going to be about them and I couldn't wait to read it even if I haven't finish this first book. I love how supportive Casey, Alyssa and Savannah are about Hunter and Gabby's relationship, It's really important that your close friends approve on who you're dating otherwise it will suck. I loved John, he's such a good friend and I don't know if he's going to have a book in this series but I hope he does because I love him. I didn't hate Sasha's character. I think she had to be part of this to make this story a bit more interesting. I really recommend this ebook, it's free so if you don't like it at least you wouldn't waste your money.

Next book of the series

"Make it a double"

Brody Markham has endured a nightmare, spending the last five years in prison and losing everything that was dear to him. Now he’s back home, trying to survive in a world he doesn’t recognize anymore. While his family and friends desperately try to reach through to him, he shelters himself further and further away from their love.

Alyssa Myers has worked her entire life to distance herself from the luxurious and privileged lifestyle in which she was raised. Running her non-profit agency, The Haven, she is content to spend her days helping abused animals find sanctuary, which fulfills her in a way that money just can’t buy.

Maybe it’s that she recognizes in Brody some of the same characteristics she sees in her homeless wards, but Alyssa is powerless to stop her personal quest to make Brody whole again.

While Brody struggles to surface from the darkness, Alyssa tries to protect her heart in case he’s not willing to accept the light that she offers him.