Monday, September 14, 2015

UPDATE: What happened and what's going on in my life

I'm just going to talk about what's going on with me. You might not be interested in reading this, but I'm just going to write this because I'm on a study break and I wanted to talk to someone. You might be wondering why wouldn't I just talk to my friends? Well... I don't think they would care about what I'm going to say and they're probably busy with homework too. Anyways, without further a due, let's start with what happened this past week. 

As you all might know, I'm in my freshman year of college and heck I'm so overwhelmed with the workload I'm getting. Oh my! I'm currently taking seven courses: French, Humanities(Art & Philosophy), English 101, World Literature, Literary Movements, P.E. and Exploring Creativity. French is actually interesting because we're studying Greek Mythology. Humanities is driving me insane though because I have long texts to read and analyze. I mean that would've been fine if I didn't have three english courses where I have to do the exact same thing. So yeah, this past week was stressful, I was a little lost because I didn't know what homework should I do first or when should I start writing this essay for this class blablabla. I'm ok now I guess, but I still have a lot to do. 

The great thing that happened though is that I finally made some friends! Haha. It's amazing how I can share my love for books to people who loves reading as well. In high school, I felt like I was the only bookworm and I didn't really have anyone to talk about books with, but now I do! So, that's COOL! :D


Other than meeting new people in college, I hung out with my high school friends on Labor day. We went to the movies and was trying to choose a movie to watch. I was like "Please, let's not watch Man From U.N.C.L.E. because I'm going to dieeeeee." I mean seriously, Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill are like two of the most beautiful human beings that ever existed. Plus, HENRY CAVILL is like my ultimate celebrity crush! I told my friends that I would probably just swoon during the entire movie. But guess what? We ended up watching that movie. And guess what? I survived. lol. 

After that, nothing really happened in my life. I was just home studying, eating or watching dramas. Speaking of dramas, let me talk about this new tv series I'm addicted to. If you didn't know already, I'm a pilipina and I watch a lot of teleseryes, but there's this one I'm watching right now and it's superrrrrr goood. It's about a girl from the Philippines who dreams to go to the U.S. to find her buried mother and to work there for her family who's in the Philippines. Then, when she flew to the U.S. for a singing contest, she encounters this boy, but they don't necessarily meet in a good way. They actually are annoyed with each other which is pretty funny and cute. Then, she's trying to stay in the U.S. to work, but she doesn't want to stay there illegally. After that, she meets this woman and she tells her that if she wants to stay in the country legally, she has to marry an American resident. That woman then introduces her nephew which is the boy she encountered earlier. At first they didn't want to get married because they hated each other. But since the girl needed to stay in the U.S. and the boy needed money, they finally agreed to get married and when the files will be approved, they would just get a divorce. What's happening now though is that they're falling for each other. The problem is, the girl's ex-boyfriend is the boy's cousin and they both don't want to hurt him. 
I know I explain so badly, I apologize. hahaha.  
They speak pilipino, but they speak a lot in English as well.
Title: On The Wings Of Love

Due to many school work, It's hard for me to read for pleasure. I only read books for school right now except one which is Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin. I have to review that book before the publication date which is in two weeks, so I'm reading that too. I'm trying to finish as many school work as I can this week, so I can do well in the RYBSAT Round 6, yes I'm participating in another read-a-thon even though I suck at it. But yeahhh, that's what's going in my life. I apologize with the writing errors I'm making, I'm just writing like I'm speaking to someone and not really focus on writing a good sentence. This is probably not a good example for a literature student. hehehe. Anyways, If you read the whole thing, I really appreciate it. If you didn't, that's fine too (:

Have a good week guys!



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