Friday, September 19, 2014

September update

I decided to change my tbr list for this month. I might be insane for reading four books at the same time right now. I guess I just couldn't stop myself.

First of all I won't be reading AngelFall and World After by Susan EE this month. Second of all I don't think I'll finish reading The Darkest Minds because I'm really not enjoying it. I've read over 200 pages and I'm still not intrigued. It's a shame because a lot of readers loved it and I thought I was going to be a fan of it too but I'm not. Third of all I  started reading It's Kind Of A Funny Story and I like it. I'm still currently reading it and I don't know when I'll be finishing the book. I'm stress about school. I'm scared for French class because I haven't been reading a lot of books in French and it's affecting my writing. That is why I'm going to read more French books for the next few weeks. I will take a break on English novels. Although I'm going to finish reading Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire first before I read all of the French books I'm planning on reading. I really liked the beginning of Beautiful Disaster and now I've read over 300 pages and I'm so annoyed and pissed off. My review will be posted as soon as I finish the book so stay tuned. :)


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