Saturday, January 17, 2015

UPDATES & Weekly Wrap-Up!

Hey everyone,
I hope you're all having a great time. I just wanted to announce that I won't be doing "Favorite Quotes" every Friday anymore. The reason is that I don't think it's necessary since I include my favorite quotes in my book reviews most of the time. I'm also really busy with exams and books I have to read for review. Hopefully I'll do well in my upcoming evaluations so I won't feel guilty reading books.

This week I haven't read much because I've been studying. If I wasn't studying I was thinking too much about not getting stuff done on time.

Next week will be even more tough with three big exams and one mini-test. I'll also post my review of Her Gaze by Angel A. next Thursday, an ARC I received.

I honestly can't wait for February to come!


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