Saturday, January 24, 2015

Updates & Weekly Wrap-Up

This week I read four books. I read 'Her Gaze' by Angel A. An ARC I received. If you want to read  my review on it click here --> Her Gaze Review

I also read 'Full Measures' by Rebecca Yarros. I've wanted to read it ever since I read Eyes Turned Skyward and I loved it! Review here --> Full Measures Review

I also read 'You Only Live Once 2' by Elizabeth Nelson and 'Until The End' by Abbi Glines. I wrote a review on Until The End but I scheduled it for February 5th. 

I feel a little guilty because I didn't read the book I'm supposed to read for Frenhc class. XD (shame on me)

Have a good day,


P.S. I just finished The Man Test by Amanda Aksel and my review will be posted next Thursday. Stay tuned (:

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