Friday, February 6, 2015


While sharing marketing tips and discussing cover art, independent authors Amanda Aksel and Heather Hildenbrand came to the same conclusion; wouldn’t it be great if there was a publishing house that offered all the resources of traditional publishing, while still allowing the creative freedom of independent publishing? They set out to create their vision, and Elephantine Publishing was born.

Elephantine is a collaborative publisher. Their goal is to partner with authors to turn a love of writing into a successful career for years to come. They work side by side with authors through every step of the publishing process to create a unique and professional title to share with the world. Using strategic marketing, Elephantine provides their authors with industry tools and resources to build readership and grow sales.

Elephantine’s aim is simple: To provide access to all stories worth telling, whether or not the words fit into a neatly labeled box. Words that resonate in your bones. Stories you’ll never forget.

How can you get involved in this new publishing movement?

        1.   Authors, become a part of the herd! We’re looking for stories you’ll never forget in the following genres:Young Adult contemp that deals with hard issues, YA PNR, New Adult contemp/paranormal, & Women’s Fiction

2.  Bloggers, join our Official Elephantine Blogger Team and help share covers and request ARCS/post reviews! Sign up here.

      3. Elephantine is looking for an INTERN!

We are looking for a small team to contribute 2-5 hours per week. In exchange, you’ll:

        a)    Learn the publishing industry (whether its marketing or the literary development side) from the inside!
      b)    Build your resume so that you can use your time with us as a stepping stone to more opportunities as your expertise increases!
      c)    Have the unique opportunity to work one on one with an innovative new business model 

Submit your resume to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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