Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hello readers!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Mines wasn't so bad outside my reading life. I have to say though that I'm so disappointed in myself! Why? Because I didn't complete all the challenges of the #booktubeathon. Reading slumps sucks so bad! I also forgot to post the release blitz of 'Dangerous Intentions by Dori Lavelle' and I'M SO GUILTY because of it! Dori, if you ever see this, I'm so sorry :(

I really need to write everything down so, I don't forget anything. I'll try my best to not let this happen again.

There's another #readathon coming up next week. It's starting on August 17th if I'm not mistaken. It's the Bout Of Book 14.0

For those who are not familiar with this readathon, it's basically a week long readathon created by Amanda over at On The Book Bender. I participated last year and I'm actually really proud of what I've accomplished during that week. I don't remember doing any challenges, so no pressure. Read whatever you like (:

That's it for today.



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