Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing Session #2: Book Buying Ban

Hello readers!
So, for this week's writing session, I wanted to discuss about book buying bans.

I find it really hard to not buy any books whenever I have money in my pocket. It doesn't really matter if I'm looking for a book in particular or not, as long as I have money, I buy any books that catches my attention.

That's definitely not good though.

It's every bookworms' problem I guess. We just can't help ourselves. (;

This past month though, I haven't purchased any books. The reason I managed this long is because I was saving for something really expensive, a macbook air. Now that I have it, I still need to save for college. Sooo, yeah.

I realized that the only way I can stop buying books is to have something else to buy, something more important that I really need. Like the laptop, I need it for college and since it costs more, I had to save up and sacrifice my buying books.

That didn't stop me from getting new books though. These days, I go to the library a lot. Surprisingly, they have some awesome books in there, books that I actually really want to read. The only thing I don't like about libraries is that the majority of the books are damaged and you have a date where you have to return the book. I hate that. It's stresses me out a little bit because it means I have to read the book immediately because I have to bring it back on a certain date.

Bad news is I'm in a reading slump... AGAIN! Gosh, it's so annoying guys! I need to start reading more as soon as possible!

Anyways, that's it for this session. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!



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